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(the process)


Step one
I began with a piece of Wallis sanded paper mounted to an acid-free foam core board. After studying my reference photo, I decided to tint my paper a blue-violet.

Step two
Step three
I usually begin with the eyes
After adding layers and shading to the eyes, I work with the under colors in the face.

Step four
Step five
I am trying to establish a warm and cool side. The colors are bright, but I am wanting the skin to really glow.
In building the layers, I like to scribble over the underpainting to soften.

Step six
Step seven
I begin to subtly sculpt the contours with warm and cool colors.
More scribbling

Step eight
Step ten
The colors around the face will affect the colors in the face.
There is so much detail in the face, I want the background to be loose and rich.

I work from the upper left to the lower right so I can steady my right hand by leaning on the paper without creating smudges.
I am constantly thinking about edges and whether to make them soft, sharp, light, dark or warm or cool.

I like to let it sit for a while, glance at it often and decide if there is anything I would change before signing and framing.

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