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(the process)

"8 Houses in 12 Years"
Step One 8

This project was the largest I have painted so far. I had to order a roll of Wallis sanded paper that was 51" wide. I had it drymounted to an acid-free foam core board. After studying my reference photo, I decided to tint my paper an orange. I like to work with an orange base when I have a lot of greens.

Step Two 8
Step Three 8
I began in the upper left...
working my way to the upper middle.

Step Four 8
I was constantly moving the houses up or down making them larger or smaller to try and keep the perspective.

Step Five 8
Three more houses to go. One on the lower left and two on the right.

Step Seven 8
Step Six 8
Added trees, fences and a gazebo.
Making distant trees bluer and cooler and the foreground warmer.

Its a Girl
Details were added to the first house, two Weimaraner puppies
The house where their daughter was born.

Its a Boy
The house where their son was born.
The kids playing in their toy Hummer.

The kids are growing up.
One of their dogs, no longer a puppy.

Kids on the Step
The kids on the steps of their newest house!

The final size was 17" X 45".
ext B
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