Tonganoxie Morning

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Artist Bio:

   Drawing and painting has always been a part of my life. After high school I attended Kansas University where I concentrated on painting, sculpture and life drawing classes. I completed my undergraduate education with a BA in art therapy from Fort Hays University. Since 1981, I have been working in the graphics and printing industry.
    In 2000, after visiting the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s Open Studios, I discovered the Olathe Visual Artists. My involvement with other Kansas City art organizations and my introduction to pastel soon followed. Pastel quickly became my favorite medium. By layering colors on a textured surface I strive to create exciting paintings with life and depth.

Artist Statement:

   Pastels are such an exciting medium. I love to layer them which is the key to the depth and texture in my paintings. My involvement in Plein Air painting has sharpened my sensitivity to the world around me. You come away with more than plein air paintings and photos. It encompasses all your senses to return to the studio to paint. I feel the sun on my back and that glorious view in front of me! I am always thinking about how I can add in the light. I scratch, brush and blend until I achieve my desired effect. The base materials I work with are many. Using various sanded papers or on homemade surfaces layered with gesso and pumice I love exploring their versatility.

My Brother and Me
"My Brother and Me"
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